Many people have heard the term "compounding pharmacist", but don't really know what that is. What’s the difference between a compounding pharmacist and the pharmacist who fills your prescription at the local pharmacy or the supermarket drugstore? Do all pharmacists compound or are compounding pharmacists somehow different? We'd like to answer those questions for you.

A compounding pharmacist is very different than the pharmacist at your local chain pharmacy. While both have graduated from pharmacy school and are licensed to fill prescriptions written by your practitioner, compounding pharmacists have received additional extensive education and training in the specialized art and science of compounding. At Central Compounding Center, our compounding pharmacists go far beyond simply dispensing medicine. We offer private consultations during which we sit down with you, listen to your medication problems/concerns, learn about your history, and ultimately offer you solutions after conferring with your practitioner. We are dedicated to caring for our patients.

Here are a few of the ways that Central Compounding pharmacists stand out from the pack:

  • Compounding Pharmacists Specialize. Our pharmacists have received in-depth training on compounding for customized hormone replacement therapy, hospice care, pain management therapy, sports medicine, and veterinary needs.
  • Compounding Pharmacists Solve Specific Problems. What if your doctor recommended 25mg of a particular medication for you, but the drug was only commercially available in a 75mg tablet? What if getting your cat to take a daily pill required 3 strong men and a box of bandages? What if your grandmother were terminally ill and no longer able to swallow her medications? What if you’re autistic child would not take his bad-tasting medicine? The pharmacist at the supermarket drugstore will not be able to help with these sorts of problems, but the compounding pharmacists at Central Compounding Center excel at this kind of innovative problem-solving.
  • Compounding Pharmacists Offer Specific Advice. If your doctor prescribes customized hormone replacement therapy, if you have unique pediatric or dermatologic needs, or if you have questions about the best vitamins and nutritional supplements needed to achieve and maintain optimal health, our compounding pharmacists at Central Compounding Center are ready and able to help.

Central Compounding Center's pharmacists are dedicated to providing quality compounding services to the Durham, Cary and Raleigh, North Carolina communities. Excellence. Professionalism. Experience. Quality. Dependability. At Central Compounding the difference is clear.